info: shopping in genoa

shopping streets/piazzas

Via XX Settembre
XX Settembre is the main shopping street in Genoa with major brands like H&M, Zarra, and Sephora. It also has major department stores like Coin and many individual shops.

Via Roma
Via Roma and the adjacent Galleria Mazzini are home to several luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Via Luccoli
Via Luccoli can be found in the Centro and has a range of shopping, including boutique shops and luxury items.

Via San Vincenzo & Piazza Colombo
Via San Vincenzo is just off Via XX Settembre at the Ponte Monumentale. It is filled with shops including Camper and Lush. There are several restaurants, bars and cafes. On select days Via San Vincenzo also hosts food and antique markets.


department stores

COIN - Via XX Settembre 16a
Large, high quality department store

UPIM - Via XX settembre, 2
A large inexpensive department store

OVS - Piazza Campetto, 2
An inexpensive department store


vintage shops

Almanaco - Via Macelli di Soziglia, 39r

Lipstick Vintage - Via XXV Aprile

Betty Page Boudoir - Via Luccoli, 53r


household Items

Tarigo Cose di Casa - Piazza Colombo, 19/R
The main shopping area for reasonably priced household and kitchen items is behind the small "front" shop that you enter from Piazza Colombo, which is mostly wedding gifts.

Full House - Via San Luca, 58
For household goods visit the “big lots” of Genoa. Full House is a Chinese megastore that sells practically everything at very cheap prices.

Tiger - Via San Vincenzo, 53
For those random knick-knacks for the home. Prices are low and there are a lot of fun and useful items.



IKEA - Via Luigi Perini, 5 (Genova-Cornigliano)

IKEA Genova website

IKEA website has directions for taking public transport to the store.

Decathlon sporting goods store is across the street.


sports / outdoor clothing & equipment

Decathlon - Piazzale Marassi 20/21/22 rosso or Via Renata Bianchi, 125 (by IKEA)


Large store with a broad range of equipment and clothing for a variety of sports and outdoor activities. Eeconomical, and you see their various inhouse brands on the bikes, clothing, shoes, and backpacks of many Italians.

L'Angolo dello Sport - Via Brigata Liguria, 91


Good store (but not too large) in Genoa with equipment and clothing for a variety of sports and outdoor activities.


beauty products

Sephora - Via XX Settembre, 32

OVS - Piazza Campetto, 2
OVS is an inexpensive department store for both men and women. It also has a large selection of beauty products like make-up, creams, soaps, and lotions.

Kiko - Via Degli Orefici, 54
Kiko is a cosmetics brand from Milan.


hair salons

Top Hair - Via S. Lorenzo, 85/r
A young and hip environment, Top Hair salon is a modern living room in the historic district.

Jean Louis David - Va Fieschi, 44
Stylish place, cuts starting at 23 euro for both men and women.


electronics & appliances

Trony - Via XX Settembre, 46
Trony is an electronic store located on Via XX Settembre. They have everything electronic, from cables to laptops and memory cards. They also have mac products available.

UniEuro - Piazza della Vittoria, 146-150
Same as above

Expert Crovetto - Via XX Settembre, 99r
Electrical appliances, but also cables and converters

Raffo - Via Cesarea, 79r
Apple Premium Reseller


school supplies (& studio materials for architecture students)

Arte Disegno - Stradone di Sant 'Agostino, 40-42 r 44 r
Drawing and studio supplies, printing services

Crob'Art - Corner of Via di S. Bernardo and Via San Donato
School supplies

Muller Colori - Vico Falamonica
A full art supply store