info: program rules

Updated: 1 July 2015


The conditions of behavior and terms of responsibility are covered in the following three documents from the FIU Office of Study Abroad, which you will need to review, understand, and sign as an acceptance of the conditions they describe:

-  Study Abroad Participant Contract
-  Overseas Student Participation Agreement: Release and Assumption of Risk
-  Acknowledgment of Pre-Departure Materials

There are also specific Genoa program rules listed below. The original "rules" of the program were minimal, relying on the good sense of the students to act responsibly and respectfully. Over the years and due to specific incidents or situations the program rules have had to be articulated to render certain conditions more specific.

If there is flagrant misconduct, or a regular pattern of misbehavior, a student may be dismissed from the program with no refund of program costs. As well as adherence to FIU and Genoa program rules, misconduct would include, but not be limited to, breaking Italian laws (vandalism of property, disturbing the peace, etc.) or endangering the safety or well-being of the group, and if severe may warrant immediate dismissal from the program. Plus, we will not allow the misconduct of one person to damage the goodwill with the local community that we are building with the FIU Genoa Program.

Each student has made a security deposit against damage to property at the convent and in the apartments. Any repair or replacement work to property will be deducted from this deposit. The student will be held accountable if these costs exceed the amount of the deposit.



You must be responsible and conscious about what you do when you are out in the streets.

- Carry a phone, or be with someone who has a phone. Keep the program manager's number and other emergency numbers programmed.

- Always be with someone, but avoid moving around together in large groups at night.

- Be discrete, and don’t draw excessive attention to yourself, such as by speaking English or Spanish loudly in public places.

- If you don’t know a street or area stay out of it, particularly at night, until you get to know the city.

- No one is to be alone in the convent.


academic facilities (the convent of s. maria di castello)

doors / keys

The outer door of our center in the convent must be kept locked at all times. The inner doors to our main classroom you should lock to protect your property.

lights / energy

Turn off the lights (and fans) and close the windows when you leave the convent.

the garden

With the new arrangement at the convent, we have access to the garden during the day but not in the evening or night. As part of the convent complex, this is a "contemplative" garden and a great place to eat lunch, read or relax. The grass is not for playing, exercising, or sitting on. These conditions are at the priests' request, so please respect them.


student housing

You must maintain the apartments in good order during the session and clean them before your departure at program conclusion. Apartments will be checked regularly.

Trash is to be taken out every day and put in the proper receptacles on the street. You are encouraged to recycle glass and plastic.

Turn off gas when stove is not in use, and definitely when you leave the apartment for independent travel or group academic travel.


You must be quiet in the apartments at night after 10-11 pm, and you must be quiet in the halls and stairwells at all times. Repeated complaints from the owners and/or residents may result in loss of housing, or ultimately expulsion from the program. We must maintain a positive rapport with the owners of the apartments, the other residents of the building, and the housing management company, and we must avoid problems with the police.


There are to be no “parties” in the apartments. You can have friends over for dinner, “get-togethers”, but parties with loud music going after 10-11 pm are not allowed. This has created problems in the past with the neighbors and owners and may lead to a legal charge filed with the police, and we must avoid this.

house guests

There is a general policy against overnight guests, as this has created conflict in the past among housemates. If you coordinate this completely with all of your housemates, you may have a guest for a brief period of time. However it must be completely acceptable to all of your housemates.


Please turn off lights and appliances and close the windows when you leave the apartment.


academic travel

Academic travel is part of the program. All students are expected to participate with attention.

We travel together, and for security's sake, there are no independent returns without the permission of the faculty person or program manager.

No guests (family or friends) are allowed to meet you during academic trips or participate in activities. Please plan to meet them before or after the semester or session.

For FIU accounting/auditing purposes, all admission tickets to museums and sites and all transport tickets must be collected and submitted for FIU accounting in Miami. If a receipt can be obtained from the site, you may keep the tickets. If tickets are required to be turned in but are not, the student must pay the amount.

Train tickets (for Intercity and Freccia trains) are bought beforehand and at a group rate, and they are nonrefundable. So we don’t wait for someone if they are late either departing Genoa or returning. You are expected to catch up to the group if you miss the train departing Genoa. You should always have sufficient funds on your person to buy a return ticket if you miss the train, particularly returning.



No guests (family, friends, local acquaintances) are allowed to participate in FIU program activities in Genoa or during academic trips without the approval or invitation of the program professors or program manager. Please plan to meet friends and family before or after the semester or session, or during an independent period during the semester long programs.

As explained under "housing/house guests":

There is a general policy against overnight guests in the apartments, as this has created conflict in the past among housemates. If you coordinate this completely with all of your housemates, you may have a guest for a brief period of time. However it must be completely acceptable to all of your housemates.


departure from genoa

You must leave your apartment in good order before you depart Genoa:

- empty the refrigerator and cabinets,

- take out all trash and recycling,

- tidy up.

Bathrooms and kitchens will be cleaned and linens washed by the housing agency after you depart, but you must leave the apartments in good order or you may forfeit your deposit. Someone with the housing agency will meet each person when it is time for them to leave, check the rooms, and take your keys. All keys must be turned in.

Apartments will be checked before you leave while you are present, and after you leave to assess the state of the property. Repair of any damages will be paid out of your security deposit.

No one can stay in housing the night of the Program Closure date, except by prior arrangement with housing agency.