info: packing


All students are expected to have a laptop for academic work. Bring necessary operating system and software discs in case you have a problem. If in doubt about the necessity, speak to your professor.


Bring whatever you want with regard to clothes as you will be “moving in” to an apartment for the duration of the program. But you will have to negotiate airports and trains, and carry your stuff up stairs when you get to Genoa. Pack lightly is the standard rule for travel.

Clothing can be expensive in Italy. Buy any American brand clothes you want while you are in the US. For example, virtually any kind of name brand athletic shoe will be much less expensive in the US. Save your shopping budget for distinctly Italian goods.

Clothing in Italy has become more casual, and young people dress casually, obviously. But Americans tend to dress very casually, sometimes without responding to the social coding of the situation. So bring clothes to fit several levels of social requirements.

For some of the “professional” visits we will do (depending on your major or program focus) or going to a performance at the Carlo Felice Opera House, you will be expected to have “casual business” or appropriate attire. At a minimum, males: long pants, collared shirt, leather shoes, jacket and tie a good idea; females: dress or skirt.

When we travel, we may go into some churches that require females to have their shoulders covered, and shorts that are not too short. We have had students become upset that they were not allowed into a church, so be informed.

Bring rain gear, such as a nylon rain jacket and a small umbrella.

Good walking shoes are important. We walk everywhere and all the time, on trips and in Genoa. Bring good shoes, but also make sure your feet and legs have had a little exercise before you get here. With regard to shoes, athletic shoes in good shape on a young person are fine most of the time.

prescription drugs

Regarding prescription drugs: bring whatever you need to avoid having problems procuring it in Italy. Pharmacies are good here, and we have access to doctors. The hospitals are very accommodating to emergency needs of visitors. But bring what you need with regard to prescription drugs for a health condition, and bring a copy of the prescription as well. Do not plan on having your parents express or mail prescription drugs to you: it is an enormous hassle to get it through Italian customs (if it is declared as such) and takes time and money.


converters/adapters (see "electrical appliances")
specialized hair and face products
copies of passport