info: emergencies / medical care


EMERGENCY: 112  (police, fire and medical)



TAXI : 010 5966




medical care

Emergency medical care is available to all, even foreigners, provided by the state of Italy. If anyone has a (real) medical emergency, you can call an ambulance (112 or 118) or go directly by cab to the emergency room (pronto soccorso) to receive care. Bring identification such as your passport or a copy and know your local address. The closest hospital to our academic facilities is Ospedale Galliera, but Ospedale San Martino is a bigger hospital and a good option.

Your professor or the local program manager can accompany you to assist with receiving care and with communication. Above all, do not hesitate to go to the emergency room if you need care for any type of serious incident. If there is any charge at all it will be minimal.

emergency room

If you choose to go to the emergency room, your case will be evaluated and prioritized. A serious injury or real emergency will get more immediate attention than a minor ailment, but there may be a wait. If you go in with a minor problem, for example, an ankle sprained a week earlier, you may wait 4-6 hours, if not more. So if you are really injured, go to the emergency room (pronto soccorso) immediately, don't wait. If it is not a true emergency, there are other options.

private clinic

For things like a sprained ankle we can go to a private clinic (at your expense) for an x-ray and consultation to see if it is broken or just a sprain.

private doctors

If necessary, an appointment with a local doctor may be arranged. There is usually a fee of approximately 50 euros associated with an office visit for a general practitioner, up to 100 euros for a specialist like a gynecologist, to be paid by the student in cash at the time of the visit. You will receive a receipt and you may file this with your insurance company to see if a reimbursement is possible.


Pharmacies, indicated by a blinking green neon cross, in Italy are able to dispense greater health advice and more potent drugs than their US counterparts. Often for a sore throat or stomach ache a visit to the pharmacy is sufficient to receive adequate attention.