Students are housed in apartments around the city center in buildings that are not student residential facilities. As we are trying to get you into the local context but accept the fact that most Americans expect a more comfortable standard of living, all of them are well above average compared to student apartments in the area. However, do not expect them to be comfortable in the same manner to which you are accustomed. For instance, the apartments are not air-conditioned, but then virtually no homes are here. And there are no clothes-dryers. Some apartments have lots of stairs and no elevator, but they are all very good apartments.

We have agreements with the owners that we want to maintain for the future needs of the program, and apartments with a lease shorter than one year are difficult to find in Genoa. Please protect our rapport with them by respecting their property. (And the vast majority of our students do very well in this regard.)

You must maintain and clean the apartments during the session and clean them before your departure at program conclusion. Apartments will be checked regularly.


Kitchens have stoves (usually gas) and refrigerators. Some do not have ovens but have a microwave. There are glasses, plates, flatware, cookware and utensils. You may want to fill in certain items on your own, you can go to IKEA or a house goods store in town for you to buy things at your own expense.

Turn off gas when stove is not in use, and definitely when you leave the apartment for independent travel or group academic travel.

Trash is to be taken out every day and put in the proper receptacles on the street. You are encouraged to recycle glass and plastic.

bed linens

All apartments have bed linens and towels. You are responsible for washing them during the semester. The housing agency will wash them after you leave.

washing clothes / washing machines

Each apartment has a washing machine. There are no clothes dryers, and very few people have them in their houses. After the wash cycle has finished, don’t try to open the door for several minutes. It is locked and will unlock automatically in a few minutes. Don’t force the lock or you may break it. To dry clothes you hang them on metal racks (provided) near the window, or on a line outside a window if your apartment has one. Laundry services (wash and fold) are available at your expense (modest) if you so choose, and it can be a good idea after a trip with everyone wanting to wash clothes.

house guests

There is a general policy against overnight guests, as this has created conflict in the past among housemates. If you coordinate this completely with all of your housemates, you may have a guest for a brief period of time. However it must be completely acceptable to all of your housemates.


There are to be no “parties” in the apartments. You can have friends over for dinner, “get-togethers”, but parties with loud music going after 10 pm are not allowed. This has created problems in the past with the neighbors and owners, and we must avoid this.


We have had problems with students making excessive noise in the apartments, particularly in the evenings and at night. You are not being housed in “student facilities” but in apartment buildings that have non-student residents, and they will not tolerate student lifestyle activities and noise. You must be quiet in the apartments at night after 10 pm, and you must be quiet in the halls and stairwells at all times. Repeated complaints from the owners and/or residents may result in loss of housing, or ultimately expulsion from the program. We must maintain a positive rapport with the owners of the apartments, the other residents of the building, and the housing management company.


No smoking in the apartments or in the academic facilities.


Energy and water are more expensive in Italy, and people in Europe tend to be thriftier in their use. As you may know, the US consumes more energy per capita than any other country in the world, and 2.5 times more than Italy. Gas prices in Europe are generally twice those in the United States. Please, turn off lights and appliances when you leave the monastery and apartments.