We have our academic facilities in the convent of Santa Maria di Castello, one of the hidden treasures of Genoa in the heart of the oldest part of the city. Until recently this was a convent of the Dominican order, but they have departed (after 800 years) and there is a new association of priests. Our spaces have changed slightly and we will be updating you shortly on the new arrangement, which we think will be very good in all respects.


The convent is a valuable property, and it is also a museum with art and sculpture displayed on its walls. The priests are pleased to have us here, but they depend on us to protect it as well by always keeping the outer door locked and taking care of the keys.

You have 24/7 access to the facilities, but you are encouraged to not come and go alone late at night.

Each of you will have a key for the outer door (the green door) which is used only for our academic facilities. This door must must be kept closed at all times, and locked with the bolt when the last person leaves. This means using your key and turning the lock three times to have the bolt seat in the door jamb. When in doubt, just lock it.


We now have wifi internet service throughout the renovated facilities, an incredible improvement over our previous service. While the service is very good by Italian standards, and better than University of Genoa department of architecture, it may not be as fast as what you are accustomed to. You will need to adjust your expectations.

your property

No one has access to these rooms in the convent except us, the superior of the community, and cleaning woman (who cleans the rooms and bathrooms once a week). Everyone can leave his or her laptop in the classroom BUT you must all remember to lock the door when you leave.

lights / energy

This is mentioned also under HOUSING, but it is very important for many Europeans: you must turn off the lights (and fans or other appliances) when you leave the convent. Please turn off the lights and close the windows and shutters when you leave.