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GENOA TAXI telephone number: 010-5966



In general, everyone flies into either Milan or Genoa. In Milan there is Malpensa airport (MXP) and Linate airport (LIN). Both are fine. In Genoa there is Cristoforo Colombo (GOA). You can possibly get a cheaper ticket to Milan, and from there you take a shuttle bus to the train station in Milan, and then take a train to Genoa. This is easy to do, instructions are below, and this is what many people do to save money. Or you can pay more and fly directly into Genova. (Instructions below as well.)

travel and arrival information

Please send to your professors your travel information (who is traveling together, flight numbers, arrival time…) when you have this settled. Please plan to arrive at a reasonable time (by 6 pm at the latest) on Program Opening day. We will set up a schedule to meet you at your various apartments to let you in and give you keys.

milan to genoa method #1: shuttle and train

If you land in Milan at the Malpensa airport, there are two ways to get to Genoa. There are various shuttle buses that go from the airport to Milano Centrale train station, plus a train line. Tickets for the shuttle bus can be purchased at the airport for about 8 euros and it takes about an hour.

At the Milano Centrale train station you can get a train to Genoa any time of day until 9 pm or so at night (when there are no more trains to Genoa), but we want you to arrive in Genoa by late afternon.

Italian train website:

Then click the English tab at the top. Do plan to arrive in Genoa by late afternoon at the latest so we can meet you and get you into your apartment. Buy your train ticket online, from one of the ticket machines (that have English available and easy to use) or at the ticket counter (biglietteria, but there will be a line) with this information:

Stazione Genova Piazza Principe
seconda classe
solo andata (one-way)

Before you get on board, 'validate' your ticket (if you will be on a regional train instead of a FrecciaBianca or InterCity train) in one of the yellow machines at the beginnin gof the platform that you see everyone else using to stamp their tickets. If you are on an Intercity (IC) train or Freccia you have a pecific time or departure and a reserved seat, so you don't need to have it stamped in one of the yellow machines.

There are two train stations in Genoa, and you should arrive in Stazione Genova Piazza Principe (sometimes designated as Genova P.P.) instead of Stazione Brignole.


milan to genoa method #2: direct shuttle

The other way to get from Milan Malpensa airport to Genoa is by a direct shuttle that goes straight from Malpensa to Genoa, but only runs once a day for most of the year, or twice during certain seasons.

GO TO: milan-genoa direct shuttle

As you can decipher from the schedule there is a bus departing from Malpensa Terminal 1 at 12.30 pm and arriving in Genoa at 3.30 pm. Price is approx. 25 euros. Go out “Uscita 3” (Exit 3) and look for “Posto 6” where the bus parks. Always check their website for the most current information and to learn of possible changes.


genoa international airport to city connection

In general, there are two ways to get from the Genoa airport into the city. After you land and exit the security area, go to an ATM and withdraw some euros.

the inexpensive way: 

Outside of the “arrivals” area there is a stop for a public bus called the VOLABUS that runs from the airport into the city center. A ticket costs 6 euros and is available on board the bus (speak to the driver before you depart) or at a machine (that has an English language option) near the stop.

Volabus website ( in English):

You can see the stops on the map, and you will get off at Principe FS (the western train station). Remember, this bus is used by many of the tourists and visitors to Genoa, so the driver is accustomed to questions. Just say “stazione principe” (preen-chee-pay) and he will tell you when to get off. The bus is also quite fast and punctual.

When you get to the train station take a cab to your apartment.

the easy way:

Leave the airport and take a cab. You will be provided with the addresses of the various apartments later.

Price is around 20-25 euros, but you may pay additionally for each bag. But in general, it should be less than thirty for the ride. If two of you are taking it you can of course split the cost.



If you are leaving from Malpensa airport:

GO TO: genoa-malpensa direct shuttle

You must clean your apartment before you go, which means above all empty the refrigerator and cabinets, and take out all trash and recycling. Clean bathrooms and kitchens. Linens will be washed by housing agency after you depart. Please leave the apartments in good order or you may forfeit your deposit. Last person leaving can leave their keys inside on a table.

Apartments will be checked before you leave while you are present, and after you leave to assess the state of the property. Repair of any damages will be paid out of your security deposit.

No one can stay in housing the night of the Program Closure date.