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arch 2018 workshop
arch 2018 architecture of city


6 February: Architectural photographer Anna Positano returned to the FIU Genoa center to give a presentation on the difficulty of photography, how it lies, and the dialogue between image and architecture at the advent of Modernism and now.

arch 2018 workshop


This Unige Department of Architecture and Design course taught by Matthew Rice will be working in collaboration with the spring 2019 FIU Architecture and Landscape Architecture studio taught by Eric Peterson and Elisa Cagelli. More news forthcoming.

fiu genoa news FALL 2018

architecture in genoa fall 2018

arch 2018 workshop
arch 2018 architecture of city


Unige-FIU workshop 'Mind's Eye: Strategy & Image' was held on November 29-30, 2018. The theme was 'representation' of project 'image' and 'strategy' as an integral part of the design process, and involved both Unige-DAD professor Carmen Andriani's Coastal Design Lab, with Italian and Erasmus students from South America, Europe, Asia and Africa, and the FIU studio with Eric Peterson.



arch 2018 workshop
The students, with Eric Peterson, Carmen Andriani and Matthew Rice center

architecture of the twentieth century: schematic representation

arch 2018 xx architecture

The analytic/schematic/digital representational work by the FIU architecture students to extract design strategies was based on buildings studied during academic travel for the Architecture of the XXth Century course lead by Silvana Herrera.



architecture of the city: elements and conditions

arch 2018 elements

20 November: Students assemble their photographic collections of urban and architectural 'elements and conditions' of Genoa, gathered on cellphones as they wander and learn the city. General themes to encourage the architectural eye are: corner, path, edge, layer, threshold. meeting the sky, enframing, urban object.......



milan trip

arch 2018 brescia

15-16 November: FIU architecture students are in Milan with Jason Chandler and Eric Peterson. They visit numerous architectural sites including Aldo Rossi's Gallaratese quarter, the Bocconi building by Grafton Architects, the Prada Foundation by Rem Koolhaas, and the major urban spaces of Milan.

A highlight was the visit to the offices of OBR and meeting architect and principal Paolo Brescia, a valued collaborator with our program in Genoa.

arch 2018 peluffo lecture
At the Milan cathedral.
arch 2018 peluffo lecture
Students in the 'Grafton' building on the Bocconi campus, by Grafton Architects.

architecture of the city: modern housing projects in genoa

arch 2018 rpbw

13 November: FIU architecture students and Jason Chandler tour postwar housing projects in Genoa, part of the reconstruction process of the city as an effort by the Italian state to provide affordable housing to workers to boost the economy.



Residential building on Via Gaspari by Giovanni Michelucci (1948-1950)
daneri bernabo brea genova
INA-Bernabo' Brea housing quarter by Luigi Carlo Daneri, Luciano Grossi Bianchi, Giulio Zappa (1950-1953)
arch 2018 rpbw
INA-Forte Quezzi quarter ('Il Biscione' or Big Snake) by Luigi Carlo Daneri, Eugenio Fuselli (1956-1968)

renzo piano building workshop

arch 2018 rpbw
In the RPBW model archive, Jason Chandler and Giovanna Giusto on right.

13 November: FIU chair Jason Chandler and architecture students visit Renzo Piano Building Workshop for presentation of current projects by Alessandro Pizzolato, and explanation of the office, archive and cultural/educational work by Giovanna Giusto.

arch 2018 rpbw
Students in the RPBW model archive.
arch 2018 rpbw
arch 2018 albini tour
In the apartment designed by Franco Albini.

6 November: Continuing the study of modern Italian architect Franco Albini in Genoa, the students visited the Renaissance palaces Rosso and Bianco in Via Garibaldi to see his postwar restoration work and museum fittings, as well as the apartment of Caterina Marcenaro, the city official responsible for Albini's Genoa commissions. Also visited was the city offices building terraced up the hill behind Palazzo Tursi.


arch 2018 albini
arch 2018 drawings

2 November: Details of student drawings for the Architecture of the City course, exploring aspects of a specific work of architecture in Genoa chosen by each student, at various scales and through different conventions.



arch 2018 franzone

25 October: FIU architecture students visit Unige Prof. Carmen Andriani's studio to meet the Italian and Erasmus students and see a presentation of their studio project on the Val Polcevera and the collapsed Morandi bridge. The FIU students presented their work for a public building/cruise terminal on the Molo in the port of Genoa. On 29 & 30 November the two studios will have a collaborative workshop on architectural representation of design strategy and project 'image'.

arch 2018 franzone
Above the town of Vernazza.

24 October: FIU architecture students hike the Cinque Terre, a splendid sequence of five towns on the Ligurian coast, connected (for the most part) by beautiful hiking trails through olive groves and vineyards, with views of the sea.



arch 2018 franzone

23 October: Wolfsoniana curator Gianni Franzone conducts a tour of Italian Rationalism in Genoa, here at the Casa del Mutilato (Home for Disabled Veterans) by Eugenio Fuselli.

arch 2018 galata

4 October: The Design 8 Architecture students participated in a reciprocal online review of their port analysis and schematic design approaches with Claudia Busch's Design 10 studio with a cruise ship terminal project in the Miami port.



arch 2018 galata

25 September: The Architecture students tour the port with Unige Prof. Adriana Ghersi, here at the Darsena near the 'Galata Museo del Mare', to understand the city and in preparation for their studio project.



arch 2018 lyon

17 - 21 September: The Architecture students are in Venice for the first stage of their tour of Northeast Italy, first in Venice, then a tour of the Veneto with a stop in Vicenza, and ending with a day in Verona.

arch 2018 lyon
Sunday 9 Sept: The architecture students hike the hills to see the walls and forts that once protected Genoa, here with Genoa and its ports in the background to the left, and Forte Fratello Minore (Little Brother) on the right.
arch 2018 lyon
Sunday 12 Sept: The architecture students head back to the Museo di Sant'Agostino for another pass at the architecture of Franco Albini.
arch 2018 lyon
The group in front of Euronews building by Jakob + MacFarlane.

The Fall 2018 Architecture in Genoa group was on the road August 26 - September 1 to study cutting-edge contemporary architecture and classic modern works, as well as major examples of large scale urban transformation, in France Switzerland and Germany, under the direction of Prof. Silvana Herrera.




fiu 'american lectures' series fall 2018

arch 2018 peluffo lecture
12 November: Architect Gianlucca Peluffo speaks to the students, with Jason Chandler present from Miami, about his design philosophy and built works across Italy and beyond.

FIRM WEBSITE: Peluffo&Partners

arch 2018 franzone
31 October: Architectural photographer Anna Positano presented a brief history of major architectural photographers and explained her work on the everyday of life and spaces, and the impact on her work from growing up in Genoa..
arch 2018 galata
8 October: Prof. Federica Alcozer explained the relationship of Genoa's port with the city, and current plans for urban, port and coastal development in Genoa and nearby areas in Liguria.

other fiu genoa news and events

fiu arvelo erasmus
unige emilio erasmus


FIU Architecture student Camila Lohezic begins her six-month internship at the Paris office of Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

erasmus plus

The European Union ERASMUS PLUS Program HAS RENEWED ka107 funding 2018-2020

In 2016 an EU Erasmus Plus KA 107 Mobility Grant was awarded to Unige Department of Architecture + Design (DAD) to fund reciprocal student exchange (one semester) and faculty exchange (one month) with Florida International University for the 2016-2018 academic years.


fiu nedro arvelo erasmus
Nedro Arvelo, FIU Interior Architecture, spring semester 2018 in La Spezia, Italy
fiu arvelo erasmus
Nello Bonanno, FIU Architecture, spring semester 2018 in Genoa, Italy
unige emilio erasmus
Emilio Gallo, Unige Nautical Design, spring semester 2018 in Miami, USA
unige chiara erasmus
Chiara Mantero, Unige Nautical Design, spring semester 72018 in Miami, USA
fiu thomas Spiegelhalter
FIU Prof. Thomas Spiegelhalter, Architecture, July 2017 in Genoa, Italy
unige dad carmen andriani
Unige Prof. Carmen Andriani, Architecture, August 2017 in Miami
fiu janine king
Unige Prof. Paolo Nazzaro, Nautical Design, February 2018 in Miami
fiu janine king
FIU Prof. Janine King, Interior Architecture, May 2018 in Genoa, Italy

fiu civil engineering meets unige scuola politecnica

arch 2018 lyon
Prof. Fabrizio Barberis, Prof. Azizinamini and Prof. Giorgio Roth, Director of the Departiment of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering - DICCA (l-r).

FIU's Dr. Atorod Azizinamini, Professor and Chair of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, was in Genoa on Monday 17 September to meet Dean Aristide Massardo and members of the Unige Scuola Politecnica and its Department of Civil Engineering.


fiu business in genoa with prof. elisabeth beristain - 2 july 2018

fiu hospitality 2018 camogli
Elisabeth Beristain and Matthew Rice (left), and Tim Birrittella (center) with students in Piazza de Ferrari

FIU Business School's Marketing Mediterranean Cruise (June 27 - July 7) under the direction of Elisabeth Beristain and Tim Birrittella made a stop in Genoa to meet with the Genoa Port Authority, see the workings of the port by boat, and then have a tour of the city, while discussing the role of cities to market themselves for business and tourism in a way that benefits development without damaging local culture and context.

fiu art and art history program in genoa - 27 june 2018

fiu hospitality 2018 camogli
David Chang and Guido Fiorato (left) with FIU students in the Ligurian Academy of Fine Arts

FIU Art Department chair Prof. David Chang brought his 'Italy through Art - Summer 2018' program through Genoa for the first time.

Guido Fiorato, Director of the Ligurian Academy of Fine Arts, met the group to explain the institution's approach to art and teaching, as well as its history as one of the oldest art academies in Italy. He then gave the students a tour of the various departments and studios.

The students saw the major artistic and cultural sites of Genoa and visited Cambi Auction House in Castello Mackenzie, formerly the property of Micky Wolfson, and the Wolfsoniana Study Center in Palazzo Ducale, with curators Matteo Fochessati and Gianni Franzone.

fiu hospitality 2018 camogli
Guido Fiorato (left) and David Chang in the graphics studio
fiu hospitality 2018 camogli
In the decorative painting studio
fiu hospitality 2018 camogli
At the Cambi Auction House with Joe Llorente (right)
fiu hospitality 2018 camogli
Wolfsoniana Study Center and archives in Palazzo Ducale, curators Matteo Fochessati and Gianni Franzone in back row

fiu hospitality in genoa - june 2018

fiu hospitality 2018 bucci
Genoa Mayor Marco Bucci meeting the students
fiu hospitality 2018 camogli
Carolin Lusby and students with Genoa assessore Elisa Serafini, responsible for regional marketing, culture and youth in politics, in Palazzo Tursi
fiu hospitality 2018 bucci
Group on the wall of Lucca
fiu hospitality 2018 bucci
During Ligurian coastal tour, here in Camogli

collaborative coastal design studio - spring 2018

unige albion hotel 2005
unige albion hotel

unige & erasmus students visit miami - may 2018

wall of wind

Architecture students from University of Genoa Unige) and Erasmus students from Belgium, France and Germany came to FIU and Miami to learn about research and design responses to extreme events and climate change. Visits were made to the Sea Level Solutions Center at MBUS, the Extreme Events Institute and its Wall of Wind testing facility, the FIU School of Architecture and numerous buildings and design offices in Miami.

University of Genoa and Erasmus architecture students at the FIU Wall of Wind testing facility. l-r:Matthew Rice (FIU-Genoa), Klement Faust (Erasmus-France), Robin Winter (Erasmus-Germany), Nicholas Ronchetti (Erasmus-Belgium), Beatrice Pastorino (Unige), Giorgia Vecchi (Unige), Caterina Ippolito (Unige)


unige albion hotel 2005
2005: First group of Unige students to visit FIU & Miami, courtyard of Albion Hotel, Lincoln Road
unige albion hotel
2018: Unige & Erasmus students in courtyard of Albion Hotel, Lincoln Road

fiu delegation visit to genoa under direction of vice provost meredith newman

newman delegation visit trucco
Christiano Lepratti, Andrea Trucco, Meredith Newman

An FIU delegation lead by Vice Provost for Global Affairs Meredith Newman came to Genoa February 25-28 to explore new levels of collaboration and program development with the University of Genoa (Unige) and the city of Genoa.

The delegation met with Unige Prorettore for International Relations Andrea Trucco to discuss the many things accomplished between our institutions, including the Erasmus Plus grant to fund faculty and student exchange. Dr. Newman explained FIU's vision for deeper collaboration, and Prof. Trucco expressed Unige's support for developing exchange and research opportunities.

newman delegation visit mayor bucci
Rebecca Friedman, Gitta Montoto, Laura Boudon, Elisa Serafini, Mayor Marco Bucci, Meredith Newman, Matthew Rice, Anna Maria Saiano, Jason Chandler, Bill Anderson

The group had a meeting with Mayor Marco Bucci and Assessore Elisa Serafini to discuss a deeper relationship between FIU and the city of Genoa. Mayor Bucci explained his deep commitment to increasing the presence of US universities in Genoa as a way to revitalize and internationalize the city, and pledged his support for FIU's efforts. US State Department consular agent Anna Maria Saiano was instrumental in helping us to develop this rapport.


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architecture in genoa - spring 2018

super jury
Final review of spring 2018 architecture projects in Genoa with simultaneous participation of FIU faculty and guest critics in Miami; Elise Francis presenting.
super jury
Mariana Gonzalez presenting her project in Genoa, with critics in Miami.
palazzo reale

spring semester 2018 Architecture students and students of the 8-week Interior Architecture program on the terrace of Palazzo Reale, Via Balbi, Genoa



arch 2016 blog
Website/blog for the spring 2018 architecture program in Genoa

exhibition of fiu student work in the museum of sant'agostino

agostino show 2018
works displayed on the ramp by franco albini

on February 28 an exhibition of works by FIU students was inaugurated in the Museum of Sant'Agostino with the generous support of Il Municipio I Genova Centro Est, Ufficio Manifestazioni.

Included were projects by fall 2015, 2016 and 2017 architecture students, works from the Association of American University and College Programs in Italy show "Back from Italy" in the Italian Embassy in Washington DC in spring 2017 with the work and reflection from one architecture student from each of the years 2006-2016, and watercolors executed in Italy by students of FIU art professor David Chang.

Special thanks to Maria Elisa Marini for her help in organizing the exhibition.

florida international university • genoa program

erasmus plus

The European Union ERASMUS PLUS Program has awarded a grant to fund the exchange of FIU-CARTA and UNIGE-Architecture & Design students and faculty

back from italy

The Association of American College and University Programs in Italy (AACUPI) is mounting a show of student projects from architecture programs in Italy at the Italian Embassy in Washington DC opening May 19, 2017. The theme is "Back from Italy" to gauge the lasting value of the experience personally and professionally. FIU's Architecture in Genoa program presented the project and reflection from one student for each each year from 2006-2016. The slides below show the final board and and an excerpt of the reflection.

nyt logo

25 April 2017: The New York Times has published an article on the particular beauty of Genoa, with excerpts from a conversation with Miami's Micky Wolfson: LINK

FIU's program in Genoa offers a unique opportunity to live and learn in a fascinating and complex Italian city situated between sea and mountains, and without a significant US student population.

We cultivate interaction with the students and faculty of University of Genoa (UniGe), and seek to develop opportunities that will benefit both FIU and UniGe.

FIU has semester programs in architecture and allied design fields, as well as summer programs in the humanities, social sciences, and tourism/hospitality.

Most people think of Rome, think of Florence, think of Venice, but as far as I'm concerned they are amusement parks for tourists. Genoa has remained the real thing.

Xavier Salomon, former curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art


(link to page with Salomon's video, and others on Genoa)

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arch 2016 blog
Website/blog for the spring 2018 architecture program in Genoa
cover 2014
Activities of the fall 2016 architecture program in Genoa
cover 2014
Architecture semester publications
fiu-unige nautical design interior design-miami
Feb 15-19: UniGe nautical design students in workshop with FIU Interior Architecture students

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Summer 2017 Social Sciences students in Genoa with Prof. Douglas Kincaid
wksp group
Feb 1-5: UniGe architecture students in coastal design workshop with FIU students
hospitality 2015
Summer 2016 Hospitality students in Genoa for three weeks with Prof. Patricia Sadar
convent door
Expanded and renovated FACILITIES in the Convent of S. Maria di Castello

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architecture program
Semester programs in Genoa, travel, & workshops with UniGe students
nautical and interiors program
Reciprocal spring workshops in La Spezia, Italy and Miami, and faculty exchange
hospitality program
Summer programs in Genoa

humanities program
Summer programs in Genoa