summer 2019 in genoa, italy


FOOD, fashion, cinema & CARS:
social and economic transformation IN ITALY / may 21- june 15, 2019

This program offers you the opportunity to learn about Italian society and history first hand during a four-week program in Genoa. Our focus will be on four themes—food, fashion, cinema, and cars—that reflect major aspects of Italian society and economy as the country was transformed by industrialization, urbanization, war, and political upheaval during the 20th century. We will explore how all of these industries have played important roles in the development of modern Italy and its place in the global system.

The itinerary includes visits to the automobile industry in Turin, the fashion business in Milan, the olive oil region of Liguria, and the center of Italian cinema in Rome, as well as important historical sites in Genoa and the surrounding coastal region. Students will also benefit from a rich cultural immersion experience living and working in the historic center of Genoa.

FOOD, fashion & CARS: social and economic transformation IN ITALY / june 11 - july 15, 2017

Prof. Douglas Kincaid with the summer 2017 students under an olive tree

The summer 2017 program organized by Dr. Douglas Kincaid focused on the "golden triangle" of Italy's postwar industrial and economic prosperity composed by Genoa, Milan, and Turin, and examined an aspect of each city as a means of studying social and economic transformation:

Genoa & Liguria: local cuisine and food production, and the "slow food" movement

Milan: fashion, design, market and industry

Turin: automobile design and production

july 12: olive oil production in western liguria

At the Carli Olive Museum in Imperia by a large olive press
nervi 2017
An olive press in the Carli Museum
students in Cervo
nervi 2017
Typical terraced olive oil grove of Liguria (here in Finale Ligure), with dry-laid stone walls
nervi 2017
Prof. Kincaid teaching in an olive grove, Finale Ligure
Enrico Magnone of Frantoio Magnone in Finale Ligure, in the shop after his description of his company's small scale production of quality olive oil
Tom Mueller explaining his research on the history and health value of olive oil, and the current state of its production (corruption, misleading marketing...) in Finalborgo
nervi 2017
Tom Mueller, author of 'Extra Virginity: the Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil', with Douglas Kincaid

july 5: fashion in milan


The visit to Milan focused on fashion, with visits to the Livia Gregoretti designer/dealer showroom (not open to the public), the recently opened Armani Silos with Giorgio Armani's major collections through the years, lunch in the Navigli canal area of Milan, and a show at the Palazzo Reale on the 100 years of transformation of the major Italian department store La Rinascente. Then free time in the Quadrilatero della moda, the high fashion Montenapoleone shopping district.

The group with showroom owner Livia Gregoretti (center)
Students perusing the racks at the Livia Gregoretti showroom
nervi 2017
Livia Gregoretti speaking with Nando Fasce and Douglas Kincaid
At the Armani Silos 'museum' of Giorgio Armani's design work
nervi 2017
In the display spaces
The show on 100 years of the major Italian department store ' la Rinascente' at the Palazzo Reale
nervi 2017

june 28: car production in milan

Students, Kincaid and Fasce at the FIAT Maserati plant; behind the car Massimo Richetti, with the Unione Industriale Torino, who organized our visit
Tour of the largely robotic Maserati assembly plant in Turin (
nervi 2017
Our guide giving a full explanation of the history of production and its current state
nervi 2017
National Museum of the Automobile
nervi 2017
FIAT 500

academic and cultural activities in genoa

At the July 4 celebration at the Carlo Felice Opera House, sponsored by the US State Department
nervi 2017
Ambassador Philip T. Reeker, US Consul General of Milan (l), greeting FIU students; Genoa consular agent Anna Maria Saiano and Douglas Kincaid to his left.
Curator Gianni Franzone with the students at the Wolfsoniana museum in Nervi
nervi 2017
On the Nervi seawalk
Dr. Kincaid with the students at the Carlo Felice Opera House for the performance of Puccini's Turandot
nervi 2017
At the opera


What do we love about Italy, and why? This program offers you the opportunity to learn about Italian society and history first hand during a five-week residence in the beautiful Mediterranean port city of Genoa.  Our academic focus will be on the country’s development during the 20th century, as it was dramatically transformed by industrialization, urbanization, war, and political upheavals.  We will make comparisons to the same forces of change in the US. The itinerary includes visits to old and new centers of the Italian economy: Genoa’s medieval banking center, the automobile industry in Turin, the fashion business in Milan, and an olive oil farm in the Ligurian countryside. You will also be able to work in the collections of FIU’s Wolfsonian Museum and its sister museum in Genoa, the Wolfsoniana.

Though open to all students, the program is aimed at social science and history majors, and may be of interest to art history students as well.  In addition, by completing the program you will qualify for up to 60% of the required credits for a Certificate in European Studies.


genoa port
Genoa's post-industrial development of the port with the city beyond
european studies turin 2014
FIU students in the Maserati plant in Turin: Douglas Kincaid on far left, University of Genoa participants on right (r-l: Mariateresa Campolongo, Prof. Massimo Musio-Sale, Paolo Nazzaro)


Summer C 2017


May 15-June 9: Classes in Miami Beach at the Wolfsonian Museum
June 11-July 15: Classes and other activities in Genoa
July 28: Final program activity at the Wolfsonian Museum


the program fee is $2,425 and includes housing, textbooks, train fares for field trips, museum and fair admissions, some local transportation in Genoa, and mandatory health insurance.

The program fee does not include airfare, meals, most local transportation in Genoa, FIU tuition ($205.57/credit, 9 credits total), and the $175 study abroad fee.

turin: italian automotive industry


Turin is the seat of the FIAT company, one of the drivers of Italy's economic boom in the 1950s and early 1960s, recently joined with the Chrysler company with the aim of becoming a competitive global brand.

FIU students at the National Museum of the Automobile in Turin, in front of the FIAT Balilla
summer 2014 sociology maserati
Students conversing with FIAT guide as the others examine the display car and data about the highly automated Maserati plant's production

genoa & liguria: food

ligurian cuisine
A few examples of Ligurian cuisine (clockwise from upper left) including fresh fish, trofie al pesto, focaccia, and vegetable pies.

Every town and region of Italy has a unique cuisine shaped by landscape and custom. The cuisine of Genoa and Liguria is noted for its lightness and simplicity. Pesto is perhaps the most famous dish, a sauce for pasta made from locally-raised basil, pine nuts, and olive oil.

The "slow food" movement will also be examined. It began as a response to "fast food" and emphasizes seasonal produce, artisanal production, and traditional recipes.

Pesto, the typical ligurian sauce for pasta

milan: italian fashion & design

Images from Milan Fashion Week 2015

Milan is a global center for the fashion and design industry, and plays a major role in Italy's economy. The trip to Milan will include a visit to a design showroom (not open to the public), a tour of the fashion district, and a visit to the Triennale Design Museum.

FIU students with showroom owner Livia Gregoretti (third from left)

Link to Gregoretti Showroom

Brittany, an intern in the Gregoretti showroom and student of fashion, explained the collections on display, their design and production, and their target markets


FIU students with various UniGe faculty, in workshops with UniGe students, and in Brussels at the EU headquarters


  • has always been a port, involved with trade, and is the birthplace of modern capitalism and banking
  • is a city of connectivity: Mediterranean, European, transatlantic, global
  • played a crucial role in the modernization and industrialization of Italy, now undergoing the transformation of developing post-industrial economies
  • has a long history of migratory flows, and is virtually a laboratory of current conditions in Europe
  • was the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2004
  • hosted the G8 conference of world leaders in 2001


  • European Union institutions and politics
  • Italian and European politics
  • Globalization and post-industrial economies
  • Migration issues: identity, assimilation, policies
  • Art, advertising & propaganda
  • Italian art and art history

social transformation and industry - the ansaldo archives

UniGe professor of contemporary history Nando Fasce discusses the industrialization of Italy using materials in the archives of the Ansaldo company

social transformation and art - the wolfsoniana collection

wolfsoniana franzone
in the Wolfsoniana museum in Nervi with curator Gianni Franzone

An important component of the FIU Genoa program is our rapport with the Wolfsoniana and its sister collection in Miami, the Wolfsonian. A collection of art and objects amassed by Mitchell Wolfson, Jr. that suggest the transformation of Italian (and Western) society from the turn of the century to the post-war period, it is a unique resource to inform the kind of critical thinking that we encourage. Wolfsoniana curators Matteo Fochessati and Gianni Franzone gave lectures, conducted tours of the collection, and assisted in the students' independent research.