wolfsoniana collection


It is the goal of my collection: “to make people think”.

Micky Wolfson, Jr.


One of the great resources we have in Genoa is the Wolfsoniana collection, compiled by Miami native and longtime Genoa resident Micky Wolfson, Jr. In 2007 Wolfson donated the collection to the Fondazione Colombo, that in 2008 became the Fondazione Regionale per la Cultura e lo Spettacolo. The Wolfsoniana has its sister collection in Miami, the Wolfsonian, where it is now part of Florida International University.

Excerpted from the Wolfsoniana website:

It is an original and varied collection comprising objects and works of art dating from 1880 to 1945. An excursion among the works of the collection becomes a fascinating documentary:

  • on the changes in taste and style within private abodes and public buildings,
  • on the urban transformation processes,
  • on the relationship between art and political propaganda,
  • on the evolution of means of transport,
  • on the development of technology and its influence on the working world and the spreading of new social behavior.

The collection - with more than 18.000 items - comprises:

  • architectural drawings, graphics, posters, sketches and drawings (the collection Archives),
  • books, publications, posters (the collection Library),
  • paintings, sculptures, furniture, complete furnishings, glass, ceramics, metalwork, silver objects (the collection Objects).

(end of excerpt)


Curators of the Wolfsoniana working with FIU students: (l-r) Matteo Fochessati, Silvia Barisione (currently at Wolfsonian in Miami), Gianni Franzone

The curators of the Wolfsoniana are involved as teachers of a course on modern art and architecture in Italy. Presentations address such topics as:

  • The Futurist Movement (1909-1939)
  • Italian Art Nouveau
  • Propaganda Art under Fascism
  • Rationalism: Architecture and Interior Design
  • Italian Art Deco: decorative arts in the Twenties and Thirties

The students write a research paper and use the Wolfsoniana collection and archives as a resource.

recent student work

Veronica Pereda & Raphael Santos

Eileen Nunes Koo