videos of genoa

genoa and liguria viewed from drone


The image links to "Welcome to Our Land", an interesting video shot from a drone, directed and filmed by Simone Trucco and Valerio Andreani.

The video was made in association with "Circolo Culturale Tassisti Genovesi", a taxi consortium to promote tourism in Genoa and Liguria, so don't be surprised by the appearance of taxis in various spots. At the beginning you may have to wait through a short advertisement, but it is worth it....


metropolitan museum of art on genoa


Xavier Salomon
, formerly the Metropolitan Museum of Art curator of European Painting, speaks on Genoa using images from the MMA collection as part of its CONNECTIONS series.

portraits of genoa by the fall 2013 architecture students

Short videos offering different takes on Genoa by the Fall 2013 architecture students, compiled and edited by Gio Guadarrama (Master of Arts in Architecture 2014-2015)