the region of liguria

cinque terre
FIU students in the Cinque Terre, or the "Five Lands", one of the biggest attractions in Liguria and in Italy
genoa aerial
Aerial of Genoa and port, with mountains running behind the city and down the coast
liguria map
The regione di Liguria outlined in orange, with Turin (Piedmont) to the northwest, Milan (Lombardy) to the north, and Florence (Tuscany) to the east

Genoa is the capital of Liguria, a crescent-shaped region that stretches from the French border to the west to Tuscany in the east. Its entire length is defined by a range of mountains, the Ligurian Apennines, that slope down to the Ligurian Sea, which adjoins the Mediterranean Sea. Along the coast where the ancient Roman road Via Aurelia runs there are villas and small towns that were once fishing villages or resorts; now most have been developed for touristic use. Towns such as Camogli, Portofino and the Cinque Terre lie to the east of Genoa, with beach towns such as Arenzano and Albisola to the west.

Various landscapes in Genoa (or just beyond)
Villa in Nervi, whose originally private garden is now part of a large public park adjacent to the sea, and easily reached from the Genoa city center

Liguria has a variety of landscapes, from the coast with its beaches, to the gardens and parks of villas, to the row of mountains that define Liguria, with villages, forts, and trails along the ridges with open vistas to the sea.

the coast (the italian riviera)

Liguria's coast is part of the Italian Riviera, with a long series of beach towns, each different in character. Generally, to the east (Levante) where the landscape is steeper, the beaches tend to be smaller with small, smooth stones. To the west (Ponente) they tend to be wider with sand. In both cases the towns are close to the sea, offering many places to eat, get a drink or stroll.

Camogli, in Liguria to the east of Genoa (Levante)
Laigueglia, in Liguria to the west of Genoa (Ponente)
Portofino, one of Italy's most popular tourist attractions.
Vernazza, Cinque Terre. Five small fishing towns with incredible positions along the coast on the steep, terraced hills. Now a protected national park, and one of Italy's most visited spots.


FIU students hiking the trails just outside of Genoa
Above Genoa there are open hills and trails to forts from the 1700s