fiu & Unige interaction

Dr. Atorod Azizinamini in Genoa - 17 september 2018

fiu azizinamini civil engineering unige scuola politecnica
Prof. Atorod Azizinamini with Prof. Aristide Massardo, Dean of the Unige Polytechnic School

FIU's Dr. Atorod Azizinamini, Professor and Chair of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, was in Genoa on Monday 17 September to meet Dean Aristide Massardo and members of the Unige Scuola Politecnica and its Department of Civil Engineering.

Dr. Azizinamini discussed his work on Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) and non-destructive bridge testing, as well as sounded out the possibilities of student and faculty exchange and collaborative research projects.

fiu azizinamini civil engineering unige scuola politecnica
Prof. Fabrizio Barberis, researcher in composite materials for bio-medical applications, Prof. Azizinamini and Prof. Giorgio Roth, Director of the Departiment of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering - DICCA (l-r).

For being the first day of class for the fall semester, DICCA department director Prof. Giorgio Roth received us graciously and had organized a productive series of meetings to understand possible research collaborations and how the school and its curriculum are organized, in order to organize future student and faculty exchange.

fiu azizinamini civil engineering unige scuola politecnica
Prof. Azizinamini with Prof. Roberta Massabò, Vice-Director of DICCA, and Chiara Calderini, researcher with DICCA. to discuss curriculum and exchange..
fiu azizinamini civil engineering unige scuola politecnica
Prof. Renato Zaccaria, Department of Informatics, Bioengineering, Robotics and Systems Engineering (DIBRIS), explains their research in robotics and programming to Prof. Azizinamini.

unige & erasmus students visit miami - may 2018

wall of wind
University of Genoa and Erasmus architecture students at the FIU Wall of Wind testing facility. l-r:Matthew Rice (FIU-Genoa), Klement Faust (Erasmus-France), Robin Winter (Erasmus-Germany), Nicholas Ronchetti (Erasmus-Belgium), Beatrice Pastorino (Unige), Giorgia Vecchi (Unige), Caterina Ippolito (Unige)

Architecture students from University of Genoa Unige) and Erasmus students from Belgium, France and Germany came to FIU and Miami to learn about research and design responses to extreme events and climate change. Visits were made to the Sea Level Solutions Center at MBUS, the Extreme Events Institute and its Wall of Wind testing facility, the FIU School of Architecture and numerous buildings and design offices in Miami.

unige albion hotel 2005
2005: First group of Unige students to visit FIU & Miami, courtyard of Albion Hotel, Lincoln Road
unige albion hotel
2018: Unige & Erasmus students in courtyard of Albion Hotel, Lincoln Road

vice provost for global affairs meredith newman

meredith newman
Meredith Newman receives students in her office
meredith newman


Vice Provost for Global Affairs Meredith Newman received the students in her office for a chat and a cup of espresso. She explained FIU's commitment to developing an exceptional international program through its special relationship with Unige.

fiu school of architecture

jason chandler
Jason Chandler with students at the solar decathlon house (2011), school of architecture in background

Architecture Department Chair Jason Chandler gave the students a tour of the school of architecture facilities, presented the student works on display in the gallery, and explained his own professional work, with an emphasis on the particular urban and building code challenges, including climate and extreme weather, of practice in Miami.

Miami Beach Urban Studios, sea level solutions center and Lincoln Road

sea level solutions troxler
Sea Level Solutions Center director Tiffany Troxler with students
sea level solutions troxler


The students visited the Miami Beach Urban Studios where Tiffany Troxler, Director of the Sea Level Solutions Center, made a presentation on urban resilience as a response to climate change and sea level rise.

john stuart
John Stuart explaining new approaches to learning and making with 3D printed projects.

John Stuart, Associate Dean for Cultural and Community Engagement, Executive Director of Miami Beach Urban Studios, discussed the many community roles and multidisciplinary activities of MBUS, and its commitment to new ways of learning and approaches to technology.The students also explored Lincoln Road and Herzog & de Meuron's 1111 Lincoln Road parking structure.

fiu extreme events research center and 'wall of wind' testing facility

wall of wind
Walter Conklin (l) explaining wind tunnel, Carolyn Robertson (r)
wall of wind

The students visited the FIU Wall of Wind research facility, capable of generating a Force 5 wind, and Laboratory Manager Walter Conklin explained its design and operation. Carolyn Robertson, Associate Director of Research Administration at the Extreme Events Research Center, discussed the types of research undertaken by the center, an FIU Preeminent Program, which encompasses the International Hurricane Research Center and the Disaster Resilience and Climate in the Americas program.

design office: touzet studio

touzet studio
Architect and vice president Giselle Coujil (l) watching as architect explains 3d modeling/rendering approaches.
touzet studio
Architect and principal Jacqueline Gonzalez

Visit to design office Touzet Studio, where Jacqueline Gonzalez and Giselle Coujil explained the office's approach to design, including the balance between responding to place specificity and client needs. They showed the many models and prototypes made to develop innovative skin and panel elements that filter light and reduce heat gain, and the special conditions of anchoring for high wind conditions.

design office: shulman & associates

allan shulman
Architect and principal Allan Shulman explaining office design approach and projects.
rebecca stanier-shulman
Rebecca Stanier-Shulman

Visit to design office Shulman & Associates, where Allan Shulman explained the urban approach the office takes to their architectural work on Miami Beach, building up the layers of the city as a response to its existing and changing fabric, and the special conditions of sea level rise and flooding.

experiencing miami

allan shulman
At Wynwood Walls, an urban riqualification project that began with artists painting the walls of derelict buildings to generate urban life.


fiu delegation visit to genoa under direction of vice provost meredith newman

newman delegation visit s maria di castello
Laura Boudon, Jason Chandler, Gitta Montoto, Meredith Newman, and Matthew Rice at FIU's academic facilities in the Convent of S. Maria di Castello

An FIU delegation lead by Vice Provost for Global Affairs Meredith Newman came to Genoa February 25-28 to explore new levels of collaboration and program development with the University of Genoa (Unige) and the city of Genoa.

The delegation included Birgitta Rausch-Montoto, Director of Faculty and Global Affairs; Prof. Bill Anderson, Vice Dean of the College of Arts, Sciences & Education; Prof. Jason Chandler, Director Department of Architecture; Prof. Rebecca Friedman, Humanities, Co-Director Miami-Florida European Union Center of Excellence; Laura Boudon, Director Office of Study Abroad

newman delegation visit trucco
Christiano Lepratti, Andrea Trucco, Meredith Newman

The delegation met with Unige Prorettore for International Relations Andrea Trucco to discuss the many things accomplished between our institutions, including the Erasmus Plus grant to fund faculty and student exchange. Dr. Newman explained FIU's vision for deeper collaboration, and Prof. Trucco expressed Unige's support for developing exchange and research opportunities.

newman delegation visit piana massardo
Bill Anderson, Christiano Lepratti, Aristide Massardo, Renata Morbiducci, Michele Piana, Meredith Newman

Meredith Newman and Bill Anderson, FIU Vice Dean of the College of Arts, Sciences & Education spoke with Prof. Michele Piana, Unige Prorettore for Research and Prof. Aristide Massardo, Dean of the Polytechnic School over lunch to sound out possibilities for funded collaborative research. Prof.ssa Renata Morbiducci, who has presented her research in Miami and collaborated with FIU Prof. Thomas Spiegelhalter, also participated to discuss her research.

newman delegation visit mayor bucci
Rebecca Friedman, Gitta Montoto, Laura Boudon, Elisa Serafini, Mayor Marco Bucci, Meredith Newman, Matthew Rice, Anna Maria Saiano, Jason Chandler, Bill Anderson

The group had a meeting with Mayor Marco Bucci and Assessore Elisa Serafini to discuss a deeper relationship between FIU and the city of Genoa. Mayor Bucci explained his deep commitment to increasing the presence of US universities in Genoa as a way to revitalize and internationalize the city, and pledged his support for FIU's efforts. US State Department consular agent Anna Maria Saiano was instrumental in helping us to develop this rapport.

newman delegation unige architecture department
Giulia Amborno, Gitta Montoto, Bill Anderson, Carmen Andriani, Meredith Newman, Matthew Rice, Christiano Lepratti, Laura Boudon, Jason Chandler

At the Unige Department of Architecture and Design (DAD) Newman's delegation discussed the ongoing collaboration between the departments of architecture and the Interior Design for Cruise Ships and Super Yachts program involving the FIU department of interior architecture and the Unige department of naval and nautical design.

Participating in the discussion were Carmen Andriani, director of the 5th year architecture program, and Christiano Lepratti, in charge of international relations for the department. Also present was Giulia Amborno, a Unige architecture student who studied at FIU in Miami for two semesters.

newman delegation visit renzo piano
Matthew Rice, Gitta Montoto, Eric Peterson, Meredith Newman, Jason Chandler, Shunji Ishida, Laura Boudon, Rebecca Friedman, Giuseppe Semprini, Giovanna Giusto

The delegation's visit to Renzo Piano Building Workshop not only gave us a chance to admire the breadth of work accomplished by the internationally-renowned Genoese architect Renzo Piano, but also to thank Giovanna Giusto in her role to help FIU land a six-month internship in the RPBW Paris office for FIU architecture student Camila Lohezic.

Also present were Shunji Ishida, one of the earliest members of Renzo Piano's office, and Giuseppe Semprini, one of the new generation of young architects working there.

newman delegation visit iit
Meredith Newman and Gitta Montoto in the robotics lab

The visit to the national headquarters and laboratories of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Genoa was guided by Giuseppe Giardina, research manager of the Technology Transfer department. He explained the institute's main research areas in robotics, new materials and nano-biotechnology, and the innovative organization of public and private funding.

FIU would be interested in exploring possibilities of research positions for doctoral and post-doctoral students.

university of genoa cooperation

Florida International University has sought to develop a cooperative relationship with University of Genoa (UniGe) since the initiative's inception in 2004, and this desire has been reinforced by Florida International University's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP): Global Learning for Global Citizenship. In keeping with the spirit of the plan, the aim of the Genoa initiative is to create mutual opportunities for study abroad or exchange for students and collaborative research and teaching opportunities for faculty.


february 2016: unige students and faculty on campus

fiu interior architecture students interact with university of genoa nautical design students

fiu-unige nautical design interior design-miami
The combined UniGe-FIU group on board the Carnival Splendor (King, Musio-Sale and Zignego on right)
massimo musio-sale

For the week of February 15-19 the UniGe nautical design students under the direction of Profs. Massimo Musio-Sale and Ivan Zignego participated in a collaborative design workshop with FIU Interior Architecture students and Prof. Janine King, chair of the department.

unige and fiu architecture students in workshop on coastal design and sea level rise

A group of UniGe architecture students along with Profs. Christiano Lepratti and Renata Morbiducci were in Miami February 1-5 for a workshop in collaboration with FIU's Eric Peterson and his students on urban/coastal design in Miami to respond to sea level rise.

wksp group
The group at MBUS (Lepratti and Peterson on left, Morbiducci on right)
marilys nepomechie
FIU Prof. Marilys Nepomechie presenting her research on sea level rise
wksp day 2
UniGe and FIU students brainstorming together at the SOA building on the main campus
wksp day 5 reception
Eric Peterson going over the project development with the students

wksp day 5
Italian students presenting final proposal at MBUS on LIncoln Road

16-20 march 2015: unige delegation in miami

miami 2015
l-r: Laura Boudon (Director FIU Office of Study Abroad) Susy Gomez (Assistant Director OSA), Brian Schriner (Dean, CARTA), Christiano Lepratti (UniGe DSA, Internationalization Coordinator), Matthew Rice (FIU Genoa Program Manager), Jason Chandler (Chair FIU Dept of Architecture), Adam Drisin (Senior Associate Dean, CARTA)

During the week of March 16-20 two professors and ten architecture students from the University of Genoa (UniGe) Department of Architectural Sciences were in Miami for a weeklong workshop with FIU profs. Winifred Newman, Shahin Vassigh and Gray Read.

Meetings between faculty were also held on campus to develop a fuller collaborative relationship between the two schools of architecture as well as at the university level.

Final presentation of projects by UniGe architecture students
italian consulate miami
l-r: Matthew Rice, Massimo Spiga (Education Office Director, Italian Consulate of Miami), Carmen Andriani (Full Professor UniGe SOA), Douglas Kincaid (FIU Associate Professor, Department of Global & Sociocultural Studies), Christiano Lepratti (Associate Professor UniGe DSA)

UniGe professors Carmen Andriani and Christiano Lepratti, along with FIU Prof. Douglas Kincaid and Matthew Rice, met with Massimo Spiga of the Italian Consulate of Miami to inform him of the progress of our various initiatives and to discuss interaction with the Italian-American cultural and business community in Miami.


dsa show

As a response to the fall 2014 show in Genoa by the FIU Architecture faculty, on March 16, 2015 a reciprocal show of UniGe Department of Architectural Sciences (DSA) faculty design and research was hung in the FIU School of Architecture. This is part of an effort to seek out possible collaborative relationships between faculty members of both schools.

renewal of the general agreement 2011

Brian Schriner, FIU-CARTA Dean; Douglas Wartzok, FIU Provost and Executive Vice President; Michele Marsonet, UniGe Prorettore of International Relations; Janine King, FIU-CARTA Interior Architecture Chair; Adam Drisin, FIU-CARTA Associate Dean

The general agreement between the universities was renewed on July 7, 2011 with a ceremony in Miami. Provost and Executive Vice President Douglas Wartzok signed on behalf of FIU, and Professor Michele Marsonet, Vice Rector of International Relations, signed on behalf of Rector Giacomo Deferrari for the University of Genoa. The agreement also articulated the special relationship between FIU's College of Architecture and the Arts (CARTA) and the UniGe Faculty of Architecture.