architecture in genoa SPRING 2018

super jury
Final review of spring 2018 architecture projects in Genoa with simultaneous participation of FIU faculty and guest critics in Miami; Elise Francis presenting.
super jury
Mariana Gonzalez presenting her project in Genoa, with critics in Miami.
palazzo reale

spring semester 2018 Architecture students and students of the 8-week Interior Architecture program on the terrace of Palazzo Reale, Via Balbi, Genoa

arch 2016 blog
Website/blog for the spring 2018 architecture program in Genoa

unige international studio & fiu landscape architecture students

The FIU landscape architecture students are working on an urban/landscape/architecture project in Genoa's port in a University of Genoa coastal design studio that includes Italian architecture students as well as Erasmus students from Belgium, France, Argentina, Germany and Peru. The course is taught in English by Unige adjunct professor Matthew Rice, and is intended to become a platform for further interaction for visiting FIU architecture faculty. Rice is organizing a visit for a group of these students to Miami to study FIU's research in design responses to climate change and extreme events.

unige-fiu studio 2018
unige-fiu studio 2018
Robin, Taylor, Nicolas, Emilia, Caterina (clockwise from left)
unige-fiu studio 2018
unige-fiu studio 2018
Beatrice, Brenton, Andrew, Klement, Camila, Giorgia (clockwise from left)
unige-fiu studio 2018
unige-fiu studio 2018
Lucie, Olivia, Denise, Elisa, Maricielo (clockwise from left)

exhibition of fiu student work in the museum of sant'agostino

agostino show 2018
works displayed on the ramp by franco albini

on February 28 an exhibition of works by FIU students was inaugurated in the Museum of Sant'Agostino with the generous support of Il Municipio I Genova Centro Est, Ufficio Manifestazioni.

Included were projects by fall 2015, 2016 and 2017 architecture students, works from the Association of American University and College Programs in Italy show "Back from Italy" in the Italian Embassy in Washington DC in spring 2017 with the work and reflection from one architecture student from each of the years 2006-2016, and watercolors executed in Italy by students of FIU art professor David Chang.

Special thanks to Maria Elisa Marini for her help in organizing the exhibition.

agostino show 2018
fiu and erasmus students discussing the projects
agostino show 2018
watercolors executed in italy by students of fiu prof. david chang

american lecture series / spring 2018

A series of presentations to the FIU students by University of Genoa professors and local practicing architects.

gianluca peluffo poster
valter scelsi poster
carmen andriani poster
brescia poster

interactions with architectural practitioners / spring 2018

Presentations and office visits with Genoese and Italian practicing architects

12 april

Giuseppe Semprini of Renzo Piano Building Workshop described the design process of the office and the current projects at the RPBW Foundation.

rpbw giuseppe semprini
Semprini with the students in the RPBW model archives; Giovanna Giusto, responsible for communication and education, on left.

9 april

Architect Margherita del Grosso of ENTER studio explained her practice, her experience as an architect in Ben van Berkel's UN Studio, her teaching work and large scale urban constructions with the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), and her current project for Euroflora.

margherita del grosso
Margherita del Grosso with students in her studio

5 april

Alessandro Pizzolato of Renzo Piano Building Workshop came to our center and spoke on the office's approach to the design process and the role of visualization of the emerging idea of the design using digital technology.


alessandro pizzolato rpbw
rpbw pizzolato lisbon courtyard
RPBW - rendering of courtyard design in Lisbon Portugal


Paolo Brescia, principal of Open Building Research (OBR) in Milan along with partner Tommaso Principi,  explained the working method of his office and the scale of their international practice.

paolo brescia OBR
Paolo Brescia of OBR architects in his Milan office