Fiu architecture fall 2015 activities

final studio review of fencing academy project (10 december)

review final 2015 fall
Sharon Farina (left) and Adam Medal (right) presenting, Hallock and Marini (center)
fall 2016 final review
Maria Sol Rivera presenting, Hallock (far left), Rice & Pappano (center)
review final 2015 fall
Daniel Rodriguez & Valeria Fossi presenting

The final review of the semester design project for a fencing academy was held on Thursday, December 10.

Guest critics were John Hallock of Renzo Piano Building Workshop and Maria Elisa Marini, an accomplished fencer and teaching assistant with the Department of Architectural Sciences of the University of Genoa.

final studio push... (9 december)

Last night in studio finishing the models for final review (g. moreno).

eric peterson on fabrication (3 december)

eric peterson benvenuto
Eric presenting in the Aula Benvenuto of the University of Genoa School of Architecture on December 3
peterson la spezia
Eric presenting at the Polo Marconi in La Spezia on December 11

Eric Peterson presented a talk entitled "What is Fabrication? Tools and Technology for Architectural Exploration" to the architecture students and faculty of the UniGe Department of Architectural Sciences and to the Nautical Design students at the Polo universitario “G. Marconi” in La Spezia. Eric explained a variety of digital fabrication tools including 3D printing and CNC machines, and then presented the work of his students. The presentation culminated with a description of the fabrication of a 15' x 24' model of Miami to display the effects of sea level rise.

After his talk in the Genoa School of Architecture, Eric visited the fabrication facilities and discussed approaches and development with the faculty involved.

italian/european perspectives (23 november - 2 december)

carmen andriani


Prof.ssa Carmen Andriani, full professor and the vice-director of the Department of Architectural Sciences, presented her research, teaching and professional design work following the theme "Artificial Landscapes", exploring the concepts and methodologies that drive all of her work, and drawing from a variety of sources including the natural and manmade environment, as well as film and everyday objects and situations.



Prof. Christiano Lepratti, associate professor and in charge of DSA's internationalization, explained his teaching and research focus on "Responsible Design" and the role of the architect to address the overwhelming majority of the built environment that falls outside of the small portion that is "designed". He gives particular attention to energy and sustainability, but also to the social responsibility of the architect to be aware of the impact of the architectural intervention on all groups who may be involved with the life of the building in a shared, urban environment.

padre alexis sma


Fr. Alexis Bassoma is from Togo, and is a member of the Società Missioni Africane, SMA, the Society of African Missions, which is now the group of priests that occupy the convent of S. Maria di Castello after the departure of the Dominicans.

He spoke with the students about the conditions that cause migratory flows, and the ways that the groups are perceived by the receiving country. He called on the students to develop a sense of responsibility as citizens and as architects for a situation which will only become more critical in the near future.



Prof.ssa Renata Morbiducci spoke on the importance of developing knowledge to address climate and energy use through design. While most of her research and work is in the requalification of existing buildings, particularly important in Europe, she also addressed the increasing urbanization of the planet, and the need to develop approaches and solutions that treat not only the single building, but also larger areas to develop greater efficiencies.

coastal design: visit to unige studio review w/ profs. carmen andriani, marco casamonti, and alberto bologna (19 november)

carmen andriani
Prof. Carmen Andriani speaks to the combined FIU and UniGe students. Marco Casamonti, right-rear.

Newly appointed Vice-Director of the Department for Architectural Sciences, Prof. Carmen Andriani invited our students to a review of a requalification project of the urban/industrial/port waterfront to the west of Genoa. Four sites were used, which the FIU students had visited with the UniGe students several weeks earlier.

The project combined the three studios of Profs. Andriani, Marco Casamonti, and Alberto Bologna.

fiu - unige collaborative design workshop for a school in kenya (5-12 november)

workshop 2015
FIU and UniGe students in the garden after the final presentations of their projects. Profs Peterson, Rice and Lepratti and teaching assistant Elisa Marini (right to left).

This year's FIU-UniGe collaborative workshop is the design of a school in Ukunda, Kenya, as a component of a project organized by UniGe professor Christiano Lepratti in conjunction with the Technical University of Dresden.

The challenge for the students is to meet the practical needs of the school on a constricted site, addressing local materials but seeking to integrate high-tech production methods as introduced in the presentation by Eric Peterson on 3D printing and CNC machines.

UniGe professor and workshop organizer Christiano Lepratti (left) explaining the project while Maria Elisa Marini, Riccardo Miselli and Eric Peterson look on.
workshop 2015
Victoria Cortes (left) working with her group.

eric peterson presentation
Eric Peterson presenting his work and research on 3D printing and CNC machines to the combined FIU and UniGe group in the refectory of the convent.
workshop 2015
Pedro Munarriz working with his UniGe teammates in the loggia of the convent of S. Maria di Castello.

renzo piano building workshop visit (11 november)

Maria Moyano and Nicolas Vasquez discussing the work in the archive of built projects.
workshop 2015
Eric Peterson explaining the California Academy of Science building.

mid-term architecture review (27 october)

review 27 october
Mid-term review with Jason Chandler and Eric Peterson, Brandon Dotson presenting

castello mackenzie, genoa (26 october)

Castello Mackenzie

Under the guidance of Wolfsoniana curator Gianni Franzone, the students toured the fantastic and eclectic structure of Castello Mackenzie, designed by Gino Coppedè, former home of Micky Wolfson, founder of the Wolfsonian (Miami) and Wolfsoniana (Genoa) collections, and now the seat of the Cambi Auction House.

castello mckenzie
Gianni Franzone (center) explaining the castle to the students, FIU architecture chair Jason Chandler in foreground

milan-como trip (20-23 october)

milan duomo
Students on the roof of the cathedral of Milan with FIU architecture chair Jason Chandler and Eric Peterson
milan bocconi
Interior of Bocconi building by Grafton Architects, Milan
como casa del fascio
Students under the portico of the Casa del Fascio by Terragni in Como, facing the duomo
Jason Chandler discussing the Casa del Fascio with the students

franco albini in genoa tour (14 october)

albini group
Students at the City Office building by Franco Albini (S. Farina)
Interior of Museo di Sant'Agostino

Students visited the works of architect Franco Albini, who has some of his finest works in Genoa: the Museum of Sant'Agostino, the Treasury of the Duomo, the residential building on Via XII Ottobre, the City Office building behind Palazzo Tursi on Via Garibaldi, and the apartment of Caterina Marcenaro in Palazzo Rosso, also on Via Garibaldi.

micky wolfson meets students (6 october)

Micky Wolfson, collector extraordinaire and founder of the Wolfsonian in Miami and the Wolfsoniana in Genoa, met with the students in the Wolfsoniana Centro Studi in Palazzo Ducale to discuss his approach to art and objects that reflect societal and cultural transformation. He also expanded on his love of Genoa and how much could be gained from living here.


Link to our Wolfsoniana page

micky wolfson
Micky Wolfson with the students in the Wolfsoniana Study Center in Palazzo Ducale

rome-florence trip (27 september - 4 october)

The Flavian Amphitheatre (Colosseum), Rome (L. Reyes)
biblioteca angelica
In the Biblioteca Angelica, Rome (L. Reyes)
eric - students
Eric Peterson and students in Rome



Natalia giving lesson in front of Palazzo Pitti (L. Reyes)
piazza michelangelo
Piazza Michelangelo, Florence (L. Reyes)
medici chapel
In the New Sacristy / Medici Chapel by Michelangelo, Florence (L. Reyes)

cinque terre (25 september)

5 terre
Manarola (or Corniglia?), Cinque Terre
5 terre
Vernazza, Cinque Terre

erasmus student orientation / meeting (23 september)

FIU students meeting Erasmus students...

For the 2015-16 Erasmus students (European Union exchange students), UniGe Prof. Christiano Lepratti and Erasmus tutor Joshua Pagano organized an orientation meeting with the participation of Eric Peterson and Matthew Rice. Afterward there was a social event for the students in the ruin of S. Maria in Passione, between the UniGe School of Architecture and our facilities in S. Maria di Castello.

... in the ruins of S. Maria in Passione, with the UniGe School of Architecture in the background

contemporary & modern architecture: lyon-latourette-ronchamp-basel-vals (10-15 september)

The aim of the trip was to visit and study the range of iconic modern works and important contemporary projects within range of Genoa. Stops included the Lyon Confluence, a large scale requalification project with built works by Jakob + Macfarlane, MVRDV and Coop Himmelblau, the convent of La Tourette and chapel of Notre Dame du Haut at Ronchamp by Le Corbusier, the Vitra Design Museum and various Herzog & de Meuron projects including the Schaulager, in Basel, Switzerland, and the baths in Vals by Peter Zumthor.

Students at the Lyon Confluence
Students at the convent of La Tourette by Le Corbusier, where they spent the afternoon exploring and drawing, then had dinner and spent the night in the cells
Eric Peterson with students at the Beyeler Foundation by Renzo Piano in Basel, Switzerland

turin trip (4 september)

Students on the rooftop test track of the FIAT Lingotto factory in Turin

visit to the wolfsoniana museum in nervi (3 september)

Matteo Fochessati, curator of the Wolfsoniana, explaining the approach of Micky Wolfson and the collection to the students in the museum in Nervi
Eric Peterson and Darci Pappano speaking with Matteo Fochessati

On September 3 the students visited the seawalk and parks of Nervi, then had a tour of the Wolfsoniana Museum given by curator Matteo Fochessati.


Link to our Wolfsoniana page

studio project site visit (1 september)

site visit
Eric Peterson explaining the project on the upper level of the site, on Corso Andrea Podesta'
site visit
Discussing the site on the lower level, on Via degli Archi

boat tour of genoa harbor and ligurian coast (29 august)

The Costa Concordia (above), currently being dismantled in the Genoa shipyard after running aground in January 2012 off the western coast of Italy.

Departing from Genoa's harbor allowed a good perspective of the city from the water, and a view of the wreck of the Costa Concordia.

The tour continued eastward along the Ligurian coast to gain an understanding of Liguria's particular topography and its relationship with the sea edge; towns visited included Camogli, San Fruttuoso, Portofino and Santa Margherita.

Passing by the town of Nervi

genoa life

garden italian
Sharon and Valeria studying Italian in the garden of the convent
italian class
Alessandro Cavalieri giving an Italian lesson in the new classroom