Fiu architecture fall 2014 :
modern italian art history / mapping relationships


The course on Modern Italian Art taught by Matteo Fochessati and Gianni Franzone, curators of the Wolfsoniana collection in Genoa, focuses on the period between the late 19th century and the end of the World Wars, a period of enormous transformation for Italy and the West, artistically, socially and culturally, and the main area of interest of the Wolfsoniana collection.

Instead of writing a paper for the required research component, the students conducted synchronic and diachronic analyses of a work of art, movement or theme covered by the course, and then composed "maps" to represent a network of relationships in which the specific work might be better understood, generating insight into its means, sources, references, and effects, and possibly shedding light on present day situations.

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Veronica Pereda & Rafael Santos


Eileen Nunes Koo

nunes koo propaganda

carolina rivera & jessica dickinson

dickinson rivera mussolini

caitlin bonet & monica rodriguez

izz franco sironi

claudia lopez

dickinson rivera mussolini


stephano butto & victoria rein

izz franco sironi

andrea rivera & jennifer sandoval

dickinson rivera mussolini

eliana izza & maria victoria franco

izz franco sironi

alexis ortega & alejandro botero