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erasmus plus

The European Union ERASMUS PLUS Program has awarded a grant to fund the exchange of FIU-CARTA and UNIGE-Architecture & Design students and faculty

erasmus plus

FIU Prof. Thomas Spiegelhalter, our first Erasmus Plus faculty exchange participant, was in Genoa July 1 - August 1, 2017. Here with Unige Politecnico students Feng Xu and Umberto Grosso after the presentation of their thesis in which Spiegelhalter was a thesis advisor, and Unige professors Renata Morbiducci and Christiano Lepratti.


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back from italy

The Association of American College and University Programs in Italy (AACUPI) is mounting a show of student projects from architecture programs in Italy at the Italian Embassy in Washington DC opening May 19, 2017. The theme is "Back from Italy" to gauge the lasting value of the experience personally and professionally. FIU's Architecture in Genoa program presented the project and reflection from one student for each each year from 2006-2016. The slides below show the final board and and an excerpt of the reflection.

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25 April 2017: The New York Times has published an article on the particular beauty of Genoa, with excerpts from a conversation with Miami's Micky Wolfson: LINK


l-r: Umberto Grosso (student, Unige-Politecnico), Claudia Busch (FIU architecture professor), Thomas Spiegelhalter (FIU architecture professor and Co-Director of the Structural and Environmental Technologies Laboratory), Carmen Andriani (Unige architecture professor), Feng Xu (student, Unige-Politecnico),Tiffany Troxler (Director, FIU Sea Level Solutions Center)
workshop 2016
Presentation by Carmen Andriani to architecture faculty and students

March 6-10 2017: full professor Carmen Andriani, responsible for the 5th year program in the Department of Architecture and Design (DAD) of University of Genoa (Unige) was in Miami with FIU Genoa program manager Matthew Rice to discuss the collaborative interaction between the two schools of architecture. She also made a presentation to the faculty and students on her design work: Second prize in the Piranesi Prix de Rome 2016 XIV Edition, competition for via dei Fori Imperiali in Rome in collaboration with Guillermo Vasquez Consuegra, and her studio's design work: urban and architectural proposals for the soon to be decommissioned power plant in the port of Genoa, a project in which the fall 2016 FIU Architecture in Genoa students participated through a collaborative workshop.

workshop 2016
Architecture department chair Jason Chandler and Carmen Andriani

Unige Students studying at fiu in Miami: 2016-2017

In our effort to encourage greater interaction and reciprocal opportunity, we now have four students from the University of Genoa studying in Miami in different degree programs or conducting research activities.

workshop 2016

Maria Elisa Marini (Unige-DAD)

workshop 2016

Giulia Amborno (Unige-DAD)

workshop 2016

Feng Xu (Unige-Politecnico)


Umberto Grosso (Unige-Politecnico)


workshop 2016
Workshop in the loggia of S. Maria di Castello; l-r: Rice, Peterson, Andriani; on right: Miselli


UniGe: Prof. Carmen Andriani
FIU: Eric Peterson & Matthew Rice

With: FIU - Elisa Cagelli, Riccardo Miselli; UniGe - Valeria Iberto, Beatrice Moretti, Davide Servente

The annual urban design workshop engaging the FIU students and UNIGE architecture students of Prof. Carmen Andriani examined the decommisioned coal-fired power plant next to Genoa's iconic lighthouse and the surrounding area's movement from industrial and port activities to public use.

Mixed teams of Italian and US students proposed urban strategies to provide public space and access to the area as well as developing a particular aspect that informs the whole: a system of spaces, a portion of the power plant, an infrastructural element or an architectonic structure.

workshop 2016
workshop 2016
workshop 2016
workshop 2016

SOME OF FALL 2016 semester's italian guest speakers

christiano lepratti
vittorio pizzigoni
manuel gausa
carlo prati

florida international university • genoa program

FIU's program in Genoa offers a unique opportunity to live and learn in a fascinating and complex Italian city situated between sea and mountains, and without a significant US student population.

We cultivate interaction with the students and faculty of University of Genoa (UniGe), and seek to develop opportunities that will benefit both FIU and UniGe.

FIU has semester programs in architecture and allied design fields, as well as summer programs in the humanities, social sciences, and tourism/hospitality.

Most people think of Rome, think of Florence, think of Venice, but as far as I'm concerned they are amusement parks for tourists. Genoa has remained the real thing.

Xavier Salomon, former curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art


(link to page with Salomon's video, and others on Genoa)

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Summer 2017 Social Sciences students in Genoa with Prof. Douglas Kincaid
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Summer 2016 Hospitality students in Genoa for three weeks with Prof. Patricia Sadar
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Expanded and renovated FACILITIES in the Convent of S. Maria di Castello

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